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About Leather Shoes:

Today introduce the production process of the world’s top handmade Italian leather shoes. As the saying goes, women look at bags, men look at shoes. A man needs at least one pair of high-quality leather shoes to make a deaf. For many people in the world, shoes are just accessories for clothing, but for the world’s top Italian shoe manufacturers, shoes are art, and each pair of shoes has become a fine art in the craftsmanship of the craftsmen of the past product.

A pair of shoes is processed through more than 200 processes, and all of these processes are handmade dozens of shoe lasts are made before processing a pair of shoes to ensure that people with different walking habits and different body types can enjoy the shoes. Comfort and elegance. The customers of top-quality handmade shoes are of course top-level people. European royal family members, international dignitaries, stars, and global multinational group rich are all fans of haute couture handmade shoes.

Footwear brings together over 100 exotic examples of sandals, shoes, boots, and slippers from around the world – even a pair of clogs on stilts over 20 inches high. Brief essays outline each historical period, while full-color photographs and captions highlight construction techniques, design details, specific functions, and other curiosities

Product Advantages:

1. Customized brand is difficult to copy (subject to various factors such as process, technology, design, etc., there will be no competition in the same city)
2. Private shoemaker service mode (we go to the door, special order, special person delivery)
3. Italian business Philosophy (never ask customers what they need, but tell them what they have, we wear fashion and noble leaders)
4. Hard to resist luxury enjoyment (a person’s status symbol)
5. Huge domestic market ( 99% of the elites in Europe and the United States have their own custom-made shoes, but less than 5% in China.)
6. With the celebrity, open the road to success.
7. One of the first high-end gifts (reasonable price, high-end products)

The shape of the pair of shoes is simple and generous, and the iconic wedge-shaped shape is distinctive and recognizable. From that point of view, it is very three-dimensional.

From the side, the hand-cut bottom of the piano, the curved and natural waist, while more fitting the curve of the foot, also hides the extended line of the foot backward, the visual effect is more slender and beautiful.

The Brock carving in front of the shoe is different from the common shape and is “X” shaped, very rare, and very beautiful. The extra blackening of the toe cap adds a touch of flavor.

These two points are inseparable from the handmade craftsmanship of Italian shoemakers.

Modern assembly line production pursues fast speed, high output, and most qualified quality. The hand-made is perfection, every pair of shoes made, the leather is complete, the shoes are comfortable and the quality is excellent. Manual customization is even better. Perfect is the meaning of handmade shoes

Italian handmade shoemaking will first draw the style of the shoes that you want to make on the last, and it is more suitable for the foot after the production.

The history of shoes is too long. I have read all the history books, and I don’t know who came up with the shoes and made the shoes. But you will find that in the history of the whole shoe, there is a group that always appears repeatedly. This group is Italian. As far back as 500 years ago, Italian shoemakers no longer satisfied the existing materials and began to try to use animal leather bags on their feet. At this time, the fate of leather shoes and Italy was born.

Italian Shoe Brand:

in the Italian shoe brand can be combined with the Prada or Gucci, then look at the Italian shoe brand

1.SCARPA: ( Needless to say, whether it is history, quality, or even price, it is first-class, I have seen a lot of SCARPA shoes, workmanship is not to say, there are several friends wearing SCARPA shoes, think The quality is first-class, but unfortunately, I haven’t bought SCARPA.
2.KOFLACH: (No need to say more, huh, the manufacturer of professional plastic double-layer alpine boots, personal feeling is also the best!!! DEGRE and VERTICAL two It is a classic!!!) 2.La Sportiva (Italian brand, mountain boots are his strengths, updated every year, improved, many domestic styles have been discontinued, divided into Climbing or Approach/Mountain running/Mountaineering/ Trailsport four series.
AKU: (Italian brand, there is no agent in the country, but I have seen a few pairs of this brand of walking shoes and forest work shoes, very good, friends are also useful, feel good, but unfortunately, without my code, otherwise I bought it. This brand is characterized by the forest series, including the hunting and forest work series, all of which are full leather high waist GORE-TEX, very PL, and the mountain series shoes ratio Few minutes Multi terrain / Hiking / Mountaineering / Backpacking /five series)

Brand Raichle 🙁 Switzerland, all from the site and understand all heard, but the feeling is more stick brand, but also of a similar La Sportiva OLYMPUS MONS EVO Super Snow Boots, including Hiking/Mountaineering/Backpacking/Black boots/Multifunction/Urban outdoor six series.
GARMONT: (The domestic best-selling brand, but it seems that his ski boots and skis are his mainstays, often watching TV travel programs, as long as the introduction of foreign ski resorts can see this brand of ski boots were photographed in the program Outdoor shoes are divided into Mountain/Approach/Backpacking/Hiking/Adventure/Trail sports six series.
GARMONT hiking shoes: LOWA (Germany’s famous hiking shoe manufacturer also produces military boots, his mountain boots have both leathers There are also plastic shells, and in his heavy walking shoes there are also a few pairs of shoes in the form of double-footed ankles. The brand also has ski boots, which are divided into Mountaineering/Backpack/Hiking/Trail/Casuals/Sport sandals/Task. Force/Snowboots/)
Dolomite: (also an Italian brand, the main part is the ski part, the domestic have seen his leather walking shoes, feel-good quality, the price is also cheaper, this brand also has some good high-altitude climbing boots, outdoor Shoes are divided into four series of Expert/Explore/Wildlife/Landscape)
Salomon: (The brand product line is very wide, as long as it is ski-based, there are also clothing Wait, outdoor shoes are divided into Mountaineering/Hiking/Trekking/Running/Water sports, etc.) Asolo (everyone is familiar with the brand, placed in the third because I personally don’t like
Montrail, Vasque : (Don’t say, everyone on earth knows, old American shoes, personally feel old and beautiful shoes and Europe still have a gap) Zamberlan (many people like, but I feel still casual, high-end shoes look too ugly.

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First, visit and log on to the Girotti store website and select the product which you want to buy to the shopping cart. On the checkout page, find the input box where you can enter the Coupon Code, copy the Girotti Promo Code and enter it code box than click to use it. (Please make sure your discount code is valid and not expire). After the click is valid, the corresponding discount amount offer will be displayed in the final price. If you confirm that you are correct, you can enter the checkout process. Sometime Girotti brings you a direct discount with free shipping no need to add code just click redemption offer and the discount offer will be activated immediately. If you have any problem and the coupon does not work then you can try other code until you find a valid code to work with.